Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn't technically supposed to be released until Friday, but it seems that some physical copies are finding their way into the hands of eager fans slightly ahead of schedule.

Over the past few hours, reports have been appearing online suggesting that select stores are already allowing customers to pick up their pre-orders of the game. The move seems to be an attempt to reduce any upset caused by future store closures in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Reportedly, stores in Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Dubai, and Germany have already said that they are selling copies early.

We've also received emails from those who have purchased the game from major retailers like Amazon, where copies are already being shipped with an estimated delivery of tomorrow, Thursday 19th.

As such, we thought it'd be interesting to see just how many people are getting their hands on the game early. We've put together a quick poll for you below, so feel free to get involved.

Is your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons arriving early?

Feel free to expand upon your answer below and let us know if you're one of the lucky ones.