Mario Approves

A lot of major companies around the world at the moment are doing their part to help combat the spread of the coronavirus outbreak and now Nintendo has joined the fight.

As N95 Respirator masks are among some of the most requested items for first responders and health care providers, Nintendo's North Bend production facility in North America has generously donated thousands of face masks and other personal protective equipment to Eastside Fire & Rescue.

One of thousands

Nintendo representative Jerry Danson said the masks were needed during this time of crisis. Here's part of the press release:

Danson stated the masks were originally purchased for emergency preparedness planning; however, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, knew there were needed elsewhere. Eastside Fire & Rescue staff will distribute the masks throughout the region to address immediate needs, including the City of North Bend.

As this crisis is unprecedented, the safety and security of community members is paramount.

The communities served by City of North Bend and Eastside Fire & Rescue deeply appreciate the generous donation from Nintendo.