Good old Mario's found himself as the star of more games than we can count over the years, and he's tried his hand at a good number of different genres along the way. One type of game we've never had, though, is a Mario first-person shooter.

We can't imagine Nintendo ever making such a game, but Sean Noonan has taken things into his own hands. 'The Super 1-1 Challenge' is Noonan's fan-made project which serves as an FPS time trial level. In it, Mario must shoot Goombas and blocks with a plunger while collecting Coins and reaching the flag pole. He's shared a trailer for it above which we'd recommend watching; we particularly enjoyed the 'Nintendo, hire this man' song that plays throughout.

You can also check out the entire level being completed to 100% in the video below. If you're wanting to try this out for yourself, you can download the game for free (or offer up a donation as thanks) right here. We must say, it looks superbly neat and polished - Unreal Engine is one powerful tool.

We can't be the only ones wanting a full-fat Mario shooter now, right? Please, Nintendo?