Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With no Nintendo Direct to speak of and a relative lack of major releases in the coming months (that we know about, at least), Nintendo's marketing has been largely centred around Animal Crossing: New Horizons lately. That trend is continuing, too, with a new series of 'Personal Island' commercials beginning to surface.

The first, called 'Your Personal Island Escape', was released last Friday, with another - 'Your Personal Island Paradise' - being uploaded today. Nintendo appears to be concentrating its efforts on showcasing the life-sim side of the game and its relaxing nature, rather than the beloved animal characters (who star more prominently in Directs and other content marketed at hardcore fans).

You can check them out for yourself below.

Three new commercials also arrived in Japan last week, showing off a little more gameplay than the ones featured above.

Are you still craving every last little detail being teased for the game, or are you now content in the knowledge that there are only 11 days to go until launch? Let us know in the usual place.

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