You'd be forgiven for thinking the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch is a limited one-time offer, but it turns out this might not actually be the case. A Nintendo Switch subreddit user by the name of hlin1993 recently spotted an interesting footnote on the bottom of the Hong Kong Nintendo webpage featuring this themed bundle.

Here's what it says, according to Google Translate:

Specially designed main units and carrying cases are not limited in quantity. Will be re-produced in the future

So, if you missed out on a pre-order, there might just be a chance of securing one of these Animal Crossing-themed Switch in the future. In saying this, there's been no mention of more units being manufacturer for here in the west.

While other themed Switch have received additional stock in the past, it's always to nice hear about more units potentially being made available – even if there aren't necessarily any guarantees.

Did you manage to pre-order one of these systems when it was revealed? Let us know in the comments.