Animal Crossing

It's not out until Friday, but it appears that physical copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are already worming their way out of certain retailers and into the hands of buyers.

YouTube user CrocO'clock has shared an unboxing video online, giving us an early look at the inside cover and the cartridge. If you're not wanting to see any of this before getting your hands on the game yourself, now's your very last chance to head back to our home page and away from any spoilers.

We've taken quick screengrabs for you below, and you'll also find the unboxing video itself if you're interested. Note that the video also shows the opening seconds of the game being played.

Earlier this morning, it was revealed that New Horizons' first major update will go live before the game launches, ready for you to enjoy on day one.

Are you feeling the hype? Make sure to check out our full review if you haven't already.