There aren't many things as satisfying as the sight of thousands of dominos falling exactly as planned, and there aren't many botanical gaming characters quite as iconic as Super Mario's Piranha Plant. There also aren't that many ways to begin an article discussing a video showing off those exact two things, so here we are.

Yes, YouTube user TheDominoKing has shared a new video which shows off a stunning Piranha Plant domino design. Putting the whole thing together took almost four days, and the finished product consists of more than 20,000 dominos. You'll want to give this a watch.

"I planned on making a Piranha Plant themed video back when it was announced as a fighter for Smash Ultimate but decided against it," TheDominoKing says. "Recently I wanted to build something with a basic design so that it wouldn’t take as much time to work on. This will give me more time to work on a few larger project."

We just wouldn't have the patience to put each and every domino in place - can you imagine knocking the whole thing over by accident before you pressed record? Nice job, TheDominoKing!

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