If you regularly visit our sister site Push Square, you'll know all about Dreams. Media Molecule's game-making masterpiece has been taking the world by storm recently, with players creating truly astonishing game levels, art, and just about anything you could ever imagine, including designs based around Nintendo's very own Super Mario.

Dreams fans have been creating Mario levels for ages, but with the game now fully released into the wild, we're starting to see more and more appear. YouTube user YTSunny has uploaded a video showcasing some of the best levels available, which you can check out above.

You'll spot recreations of Nintendo classics - like the Super Mario 64 creation at the beginning - but you'll also find original level ideas, a take on Mario Kart, and a wonderfully large Yoshi (you'll know it when you see it). It's a tremendous tool, that's for sure.

Here's a NES on PS4...

We'll never see Mario appear on PS4 officially for obvious reasons, but running, jumping and wahooing as Mario with a DualShock 4 in our hands is still a weird experience to behold.

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