Sonic The Hedgehog

After nearly 30 years, Sega's long-time mascot Sonic the Hedgehog has finally made his big-screen debut. The reviews are in, and while mainstream critics aren't so fond of the film, the blue blur's action-adventure outing starring Jim Carrey, Ben Schwartz, and James Marsden has received a lot of positive feedback from the fanbase so far.

So, how's it gone for Paramount Pictures in terms of earnings? According to Deadline Hollywood, the $87 million production could potentially be in the running to become the best video game movie adaptation debut in North America of all-time. The latest industry estimates suggest it has banked around $53.99 million in three days and more than $64.3 million in its opening weekend.

If this is the case, it would be a new record for this type of film. The current record-holder is the Legendary/Warner Bros. production Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds. It reportedly banked $54.3 million in three days. On a 4-day basis, Sonic is believed to have already surpassed the live-action Pokémon movie, which made $58 million during a non-holiday period last May.

The newest Warner Bros. release Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey simply couldn't keep up with the blue blur, as illustrated in Box Office earnings below for the Valentine's Day and President's Day long weekend:

Sonic Box Office  Feb 14-17
Image: Deadline

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