Please Stick To The Rivers And The Lakes That You're Used To

Today's Animal Crossing Direct brought with it a ton of information nuggets regarding the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Switch. You can check out the entire list of new additions, but the thing that had us sitting up in our chair was the new ability to remodel the landscape of your island at will.

That's right, once you're in possession of an Island Designer Construction Permit you'll be able to not only build paths, but also remodel the landscape itself. This includes shaping existing rivers, creating ponds, lakes and waterfalls, and demolishing cliffs. Whatever landscape you desire, you can now quite literally shape your Animal Crossing town as you see fit.

It might not seem like much if you've never played the series before, but this is a huge change for veterans who have always dreamt of more control over the geography of their villages.

If that wasn't shock enough, the character in the trailer just casually hops over a stream while engaged in this landscaping like it's nothing:

Non-fans will never understand the wonder of this...

Blimey. How far we've come!

Yes, yes, minor details perhaps, but this is big news for series aficionados. What was the biggest news for you in the Animal Crossing Direct? Let us know below.