Metroid Fusion X Minecraft

Minecraft might be more than a decade old now, but somehow the game's community continues to surprise us. While there's been entire calculators and computers recreated within the game before, a Reddit user by the name of Nyubug has now decided to recreate the Game Boy Advance title Metroid Fusion in the base version of Minecraft on PC.

The footage below looks just like the 2002 GBA title until it eventually zooms out and reveals the Minecraft game world and the player in control. This is arguably a step above the recreation of the Game Boy title Pokémon Red within Minecraft.

Over on Reddit, Nyubug goes into detail about the project, explaining how the current system has a smooth working camera, player physics, along with sprite and background animations. A custom vanilla shader system is also being used, but no mods have been implemented.

This is quite possibly one of the most impressive creations we've ever seen in Minecraft. What do you think, though? Tell us in the comments.