Rare HQ
Image: Nintendo Life

Those of you based in the UK will no doubt be counting the cost of Storm Ciara, which has done its best to batter the British Isles over the past few days. High winds and lashings of rain have caused disruption all over the country, from power cuts, cancelled trains, abandoned sports events and quite a few upturned trampolines.

However, all of that seems fairly inconsequential when you realise that this storm has claimed one of the most famous birds in video game history. Avert your eyes if you are of a sensitive disposition, or have a fondness for '90s N64 action platformers:

Kazooie used to take pride of place inside Rare's HQ (as you can see from the lead image at the top of the page), but was moved outside along with a bunch of other characters. Sadly, it would seem she has become Storm Ciara's most high-profile victim; reports that she ran around for a minute after the tragic event are currently unfounded.

Former Rare staffer Chris Seavor has an alternate explanation, however...

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