Tears of joy

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is so cute and adorable that it's capable of reducing some fans to tears (of joy).

This is exactly what happened when Mallory Loar – the community manager of the Discord app – first saw Nintendo's Animal Crossing booth at this year's PAX East. The event runs from 27th February until 1st March, and you can see Mallory's full reaction in the following video uploaded on her Twitter account:

At the time of writing, Mallory's wholesome reaction has already received more than 10,000 likes. Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen even chimed in to thank her:

I love how much you love Animal Crossing. Thank you for being such a passionate fan!

Here's a better look at the Animal Crossing booth and the PAX East show floor in general. As you can see, the Discord booth is right next to Nintendo's tropical paradise:

Animal Crossing PAX East
Image: @EmilyACrossing

While we'd love to be able to say Discord is the primary method of communication in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, unfortunately, it's not. If you want to be able to officially communicate (via voice and text) in the game, you'll need to download Nintendo's Switch Online smartphone app.

If you're visiting PAX East this weekend, be sure to drop by the Animal Crossing and Discord booths.

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