When it comes to couch co-op gaming, Switch is your console and we've been looking forward to getting our hands on the next co-op game from Team 17 ever since it was revealed as coming to Switch in the middle of last year. It has now been confirmed that we'll be getting the removal firm in and Moving Out on 28th April.

A collaboration between Australian developer SMG (Death Squared) and Swedish studio DevM Games (Extreme Forklifting 2), Team 17 are on publishing duties and if the chaotic trailer is anything to go by, it's shaping up to be a worthy stablemate with the wonderful Overcooked 2. You're put in control of a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (hehe) and it's up to you to work together to get your clients' treasured belongings to their destination in one piece.

From the madcap co-op action to the tongue-in-cheek humour, it certainly looks the part of a chaotic couch co-op contender. Here's a list of the features from the official PR blurb:

Couch co-op. Players can either take on Moving Out solo or enlist the help of up to three friends as they figure out the quickest way to get a fridge to the bottom of a five-storey building without breaking it.
Location, location, location. No move is too big, too small, or too weird. Work through sleepy suburbs, frenzied farms, haunted houses and even head into space to keep customers happy!
Physics. Need to get a large item of furniture down some steps? Gravity is a F.A.R.T’s best friend. Glass door in the way? Smash right through it. Throwing things over railings will always be quicker than carrying them the long way around.
Character Customisation. Choose from a roster of movers from humans to anthropomorphic animals and appliances that can be tailored to suit the job at hand.
Assist Mode. Increased time limits, skippable levels and removal of dangers are just some of the options available in assist mode.
Accessibility Options. Dyslexia-friendly text, scalable user interface, and remappable keyboard controls make the Moving Out experience as inclusive as possible.

We very much enjoyed our time with Moving Out at PAX last year and we've had a lot of fun with Death Squared, so we can't wait to get lobbing sofas through windows and carrying beds across busy highways again when this launches. There's no word on pricing or whether it'll get a physical release, but we'll keep an eye out for more details.

Polished off Overcooked and looking for your next co-op fix? Reckon Moving Out will have what it takes to destroy real friendships? Let us know below.