TemTem isn't the only Kickstarter project attempting to recreate the magic of Pokémon. Nope, there's another one by the name of Kindred Fates. In case you missed our original story, it's described by the developer Skymill Studios as a "love letter" to the open-world monster battling RPG genre.

In the latest update, the Kickstarter campaign has now reached its $155,000 stretch goal - meaning the game will be released on the Nintendo Switch. If you've already funded it long ago, there's no need to worry, as the developer intends to send out a survey at the end of the campaign asking backers which copy they would prefer (either PC or Switch).

As previously explained, the game will be quite similar to Pokémon - with gyms and monster types that are weak and strong against others. One major difference is the real-time combat, and when your monster (known as Kinfolk) falls in battle, they die instead of faint. Fortunately, you can still revive them if you collect the blue flame representing their soul, but if you don't make it in time - they're gone forever. It's serious stuff.

There's also the usual added extras like PvP, online trading, camps, guilds and even the ability to recruit. According to the road map, the full release of the game is scheduled for June 2023. Do you like the look of this game? Did you back this? Leave a comment down below.

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