Following in the footsteps of Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's hit mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes will be introducing a subscription-based service. This news was shared in the official Feh Channel video update for this month.

In exchange for a set monthly fee of $9.49 (or the regional equivalent), subscribers will be able to enjoy access to special multiple benefits. This includes the distribution of two resplendent heroes per month as well as four perks each month.

  • Resplendent Heroes - Heroes dressed in resplendent attire (brand new visuals and voices, +2 boost to all stats). Two of these heroes will be distributed per month on the 10th and 25th of each month. To begin, Lyn will be available on 5th Feb and Cordelia will follow on 24th Feb.
  • Special perks - Feh Pass Quests (twice every month) - earn valuable items, expanded summoner support - bond with up to three heroes, Re-Act - return to the start of your previous turn if your heroes have yet to act (can be used everywhere but coliseum and aether raids), and auto-start - play the same map automatically multiple times in a row.

Access will be granted to the Feh Pass after the release of version 4.2 update, which is due out on 5th February.

How do you feel about a subscription service being added to Fire Emblem Heroes? Will you be subscribing? Tell us below.