Jakks Pacific is known for making rather lovely video game-related figures, and its Mario toys to date have been really great.

So it's really wonderful news that Jakks is bringing us a whole new series of Super Mario toys for 2020. Nintendo World Report got hands-on with these at the Toy Fair in New York recently. We'd recommend checking out their video above to check out the full range.

Here's the upcoming lineup for you in written form:

Spring 2020

2.5-Inch Figures

- Mario (New)
- Luigi (New)
- Cheep Cheep (New)
- Odyssey Mario
- Piranha Plant

4-Inch Figures

- Blue Shy Guy (New)
- Magikoopa (New)
- Yellow Yoshi (New)
- Mario
- Odyssey Mario

Mario Kart Racers

- Mario
- Luigi
- Shy Guy
- Yoshi

Playsets for 2.5-Inch Figures

- Underwater Diorama Set - Includes Mario, Cheep Cheep, and Blooper figures.
- Underwater Playset - Includes Mario figure.
- Deluxe Underwater Playset - Includes Mario figure.

Fall 2020

2.5-Inch Figures

- Yellow Yoshi (New)
- Fire Mario (New)
- Raccoon Mario
- Bob-Omb
- Red Koopa Troopa

4-Inch Figures

- Ice Luigi (New)
- Odyssey Mario (New)
- Red Koopa Paratroopa
- Iggy Koopa
- Raccoon Mario

It's-A Me, Mario!

  • 12-Inch tall Toy with fabric overalls, 13 points of articulations, 20 phrases, sound effects, and five songs from the games.
  • Playsets for 2.5-Inch Figures
  • Super Mario Underground Diorama - Includes Ice Mario, Green Koopa Troopa, and Spike Top figures.
  • Super Mario Underground Playset - Includes Ice Mario Figure.
  • Deluxe Boo Mansion Playset (TARGET EXCLUSIVE) - Includes Fire Mario figure.

Let us know if you plan on picking up some of these new Super Mario figures later this year with a comment below...

[source nintendoworldreport.com]