Wii U release
Image: Nintendo

When the remastered version of The Wonderful 101 was announced on Kickstarter, it was wonderful news for multiple platforms. As exciting as it was that this Wii U exclusive would be made available to more players, not every fan was necessarily happy with the decision.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, prior to the official announcement of the remaster, the game's director Hideki Kamiya made it clear that the original game "wasn't a successful business endeavor" and that it was a "high-quality game" Platinum was hoping a lot of people would experience. Obviously, this wasn't the outcome.

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Well, we first released Wonderful 101 back in 2013 on Wii U, and for various reasons it wasn’t a successful business endeavor for us. Inaba and I have since lamented that not many players were able to experience the game.

I mean, it was really disappointing for us, you know? We worked so hard to make this high quality game and we were hoping a lot of gamers would play it, but that didn’t really pan out. So as a result of our negotiations, the kindness of Nintendo has made both the ports and this campaign possible.

Based on Kamiya's comments, it's easy to understand why PlatinumGames was so eager to give the game maximum exposure on a platform like Kickstarter and port it across to as many platforms as possible.

It's paid off, too. In the first week, the campaign raised $1 million in 12 hours and since then has reached multiple stretch goals. How do you feel about this Wii U exclusive being given a second chance? Let us know.

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