Animal Crossing New Horizons Cushions

With the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons creeping ever closer, we've seen all manner of pre-order bonuses, not to mention the gorgeous new Animal Crossing-themed Switch announced in the run-up to release. Now the Nintendo Official UK Store has a new addition for its line of Animal Crossing merch in the form of these comfy cushions adorned with the faces of famous village residents.

Yep, whether we're out and about or curled up at home, we're going to be spending many, many hours sat enjoying the latest game in the loveliest of Nintendo series, so why not get as comfortable as possible with this range of Animal Crossing cushions, exclusive to the Nintendo UK Store? You're able to cushion your derrière with the furry faces of your favourite characters, including Isabelle, Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy and our very favourite recording artiste, K.K. Slider.

Each cushion is made in the UK from soft-touch fabric (that's 100% polyester for the cover, with a hollow fibre filling made from recycled PET bottles, apparently) and features a hidden zip opening to make cleaning it after spillages or other accidents a breeze.

The cushions are going for £24.99 each, although you can get a £10 discount by purchasing a bundle with a physical copy of the game for £64.99. Tasty!

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Whether you love or hate Mr Nook, what better way to let the raccoon know how you feel than with a squidgy effigy of his face, eh? There's plenty more adorable Animal Crossing merch available if you haven't spent February and March's paychecks already. 20th March can't come soon enough!

Which one of these cushions will/would you pick up? Let us know with a cheeky comment.