Dutch developer 2Awesome Studio has lifted the lid on an upcoming 2D platformer by the name of Aeon Drive. Revealed in an 'alpha' state in the trailer above, the game hasn't been confirmed for Switch just yet but its predecessor Dimension Drive released on Nintendo's console back in 2017 and given the game's pixel aesthetic and indie flavour, we'd eat our headwear if this isn't planned for your favourite hybrid handheld.

Set in the same universe as shmup Dimension Drive (and not to be confused with Neon Drive), Aeon Drive is the developer's second project and is scheduled for release sometime later in 2020. You find yourself crash-landed in an alternate-universe version of Barcelona. Playing as space pilot Jackelyne, you'll be teleporting about the streets of New Barna battling time itself as you collect a bunch of MacGuffins in order to save (and escape from) the planet.

With its lovely pixel art and steamy environments, it seems like 2Awesome is looking to combine the spirit of cinematic platforms with the precise controls of something more twitchy and responsive. Here are a list of the features from the official press release as well as some screenshots:

- Speed-running platformer mechanics.
- High quality synthwave pixel art style
- Compete in distopian version of Barcelona in a twisted cyberpunk world.
- Advanced scoring system that enables long term replayability.
- Real-time difficulty adjustment on the hands of the player.
- Compete against friends through Discord integration.
- Streaming mode.

While there's certainly no shortage of gorgeous platform games on Switch of all flavours, there's always room for more and hopefully we'll be seeing Aeon Drive confirmed for the system in the near future. We quite liked Dimension Drive, saying that it's "as rewarding and as it is demanding" in our review, so it'll be interesting to see what the developer can do in a different genre.

Had you fill of cyberpunk and dystopias? Intrigued to find out more about this one? Let us know below.