Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game's September launch was a pretty unusual one for an indie game, not least because it was gathering as much attention from fans and media - if not more - than major releases appearing at the same time. After initially releasing and excelling on Switch and PC, the game soon took flight on PS4 and Xbox One; it's since been confirmed that the pesky goose has shifted more than a million copies.

After it had surpassed just 100,000 sales, the game's co-creator Nico Disseldorp said that the studio can "go on and keep making video games as long as we like now". We can only imagine how the team must feel now that the game has achieved ten times that figure, but composer Dan Golding has touched upon the surprise and bewilderment its success has placed upon them.

Here's what he had to say talking to GamesBeat:

“It was this weird, several stage process where for the first few days, almost the first whole week, we’re like, ‘Yeah, cool, people like this game. That’s great. It’s getting good reviews'. Then I remember one morning I woke up and Chrissy Teigen had tweeted out a photo of her and John Legend [buying the game] and was just — I have no frame of reference to understand what’s happening. And I still don’t, really. It’s just been kind of weird from then on out.”

So why was it so successful? Golding has a thought on that, too:

“I think there’s something about the game that speaks to this moment in time where the whole weight of the world often seems to be crushing people. And this game is just about a goose, you know? Nothing more, nothing less. If the game has done anything, it’s managed to create a little space of relief, which I think is fantastic."

We'd have to agree. Sometimes you just need to forget about the world and enjoy something a little silly and Untitled Goose Game can provide just that.

Have you taken the time to check out Untitled Goose Game? Do you think we'll see a sequel or some DLC in the future? Tell us below.

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