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Ah, Miiverse. While the rest of the world may have forgotten about this uniquely 'Nintendo' take on social networking, dedicated fans still get all misty-eyed when they talk about the short-lived portal. Miiverse was home to some truly amazing content (ahem), but when the Wii U died, it took the service with it.

Nintendo pulled the plug on what many were hoping would be a gaming-focused version of Twitter in late 2017, and would also shutter Miitomo – which felt in some way like an off-shoot of Miiverse – not long after its launch, too.

Taking this into account, it would seem that Nintendo has decided against creating its own unique social networking tool for the time being, then – but a recent Japanese job posting spotted online (thanks, Madison) has raised admittedly very slim hopes that Miiverse could be making a triumphant return:

While a job listing mentioning Miiverse clearly isn't a solid indication that it's coming back, it did get us thinking – would we want Miiverse to be resurrected in 2020? You could argue that Switch is just as suitable a platform for the service as the Wii U was – it has a touchscreen and is more portable, for starters – and we have to admit we do miss the idea of communities growing up around each game release, with people sharing hints and tips as well as some amazing artwork. We also liked the way in which Miiverse content could be integrated into games.

However, policing Miiverse was clearly a big task and we can understand why Nintendo might be reluctant to bring it back. We also know that not every Wii U owner made full use of it, so you could argue that Nintendo's energies are better spent elsewhere. If Miiverse were to return, it would most likely need something of an overhaul to bring it up to speed with the needs of modern players.

Whatever your opinion, vote in the poll below and be sure to leave a comment explaining your thoughts on Miiverse, and if you'd like to see it be reborn from the social media ashes.

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