Nintendo's quirky social network Miiverse was launched way back in 2012 alongside the Wii U, and was later rolled out to the 3DS. While many gamers used it to request or share tips on their favourite games, there have been many amusing moments over the years, and some heartbreaking ones too - such as this doomed Miiverse romance.

As the writing is now on the wall for Miiverse and it could soon be shuttered, we've rounded up some of our favourite posts for you below. 

Miiverse was always great for asking for tips, like this guy who got stuck early on in Super Metroid and turned to the community for help... but got turned into a meme!

y can't metroid crawl?

Miiverse was also fun for sharing a quick doodle and some witty commentary about what was happening in the game you were playing at the time. Yuk yuk!


You could even turn to Miiverse to air your family's dirty laundry, if so inclined.


Masahiro Sakurai even turned to Miiverse to playfully troll F-Zero fans. Arf arf!


People on Miiverse sure do appreciate nice looking water effects in games, it seems.


This Miiverse post left in Super Mario 3D World is genius!


What were some of your favourite Miiverse moments? Let us know by posting them in the comments below, and do try to keep it clean, OK?