The rumours are already starting to circulate around Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's next set of DLC fighters (do they ever stop?), and this time Crash Bandicoot is the talk of the town.

This supposed 'leak' comes from a Twitter user going by the name @MandyCanNot, a seemingly new face in the ever-growing rumour scene who first posted on the platform in October last year. Back then, they correctly suggested that Byleth would be the game's fifth DLC fighter ahead of time, before noting that Crash would be fighter number six in another message on the very same day.

Combining the accuracy of the first post and perhaps the confidence of the second has now caused fans and several news outlets to take notice. On 20th January, just a couple of days ago, @MandyCanNot said that they still believe Crash Bandicoot to be the sixth fighter, noting that they won't be sharing any more on the topic until the character is officially unveiled.

Now, as always, we urge you to take this information with a huge pinch of salt; for all we know, accurately predicting Byleth could well have just been a lucky guess. Incidentally, we did mention the possibility of Crash being in the next Fighters Pass in a recent video.

So, do you believe the rumour? Think it's just a load of nonsense? Share your thoughts with us below.