Update: The original headline of this article stated this was the second third-party VR title to offer Labo VR support. Thanks to our friends at Japanese Nintendo for reminding us it's actually the third such game after Rooms: The Adventure of Anne & George also patched in support. It would seem that JanduSoft is no longer the best kind of correct...

Still got your Labo VR Goggles kicking around somewhere? It's time to dust them off because a free update for arcade action puzzler Neonwall has added Labo VR compatibility. Significantly, this is one of the first games outside of Nintendo's own first-party titles to receive such an update, as announced by developer JanduSoft on Twitter:

Last year's Spice And Wolf VR also supported Nintendo's cardboard VR headwear, although that game released with the functionality on Day One, so JanduSoft's tweet is still technically correct (the best kind).

Neonwall launched on Switch in 2018, a year after the console itself, and is already available on VR formats including PSVR, Oculus and HTC Vive so it's great to see JanduSoft adding support for Nintendo's lo-fi take on the tech. Obviously, the result won't compete with the higher fidelity experiences available elsewhere, but if you've got the game and your Labo VR just sitting on the shelf, it'll be a nice little update to try out.

We liked Neonwall when we reviewed it two years ago, describing it as "a beautiful package of endless neon glows and electronic music filled with some stiff concentration and reflex challenges." It's currently on sale on the eShop with 75% off until 5th February, so if you've already got your Labo VR Goggles, it'll cost you just $2.49 / £2.24 / 2,49€ to add another VR game to your Switch collection.

Let us know below if you've tried the update and how it compares to VR's big boys.