Just a taste of what you can expect below...
Image: CarlSagan42/Nintendo

In December, Super Mario Maker 2 was treated to its biggest update yet and even a whole new playable character. Yes, Link from The Legend of Zelda series is now fully playable with an entirely different moveset, so the game's top players and creators have been doing the only thing they know: making ridiculously hard Zelda-themed levels.

Known as 'Kaizo' levels, these are not for the faint of heart. You're about to see some truly wild experiences which are only made even more bonkers by Link's set of skills. You see, mastering Mario's intricate platforming mechanics is hard enough, but in these levels you have to pull off timed bomb-throwing, precise arrow shots, the use of your shield, and much more.

We'll kick things off with what we think is the craziest of the bunch. This level, fittingly called 'It is dangerous to go at all', was created by CarlSagan42. Here it is being completed (somehow):

CarlSagan42 has been making lots of similarly brutal levels and has shared them in a compilation video. It's a lengthy watch, but we've grabbed the codes for each level below should you want to try them out for yourself:

CarlSagan42 Level IDs:

It is dangerous to go at all: QHM-GFK-2NF
Skyward Salt: T5W-CSM-NWF
Link's Spiketop Beating: HGS-JCK-52H
Link's Crossbow Training: 5TJ-DKB-MDG
A Link to the Spike Dude: HDF-711-L1G
More Link Platforming: XBM-QBP-8QG

Of course, plenty more tricky levels can be found, too. Here are a couple more we spotted on YouTube:

Kaizo Link Mastery by Sretzo - Level ID: P9J-QCQ-7XG

Kaizo King: Act of Defiance by Brakkie - Level ID: YK8-36C-HJG

Fancy taking any of these on? We'd love to hear how you get on in the comments below.