Awesome Games Done Quick 2020
Image: @GamesDoneQuick

Charity fundraising organisation Games Done Quick has raised a fantastic $3,131,475 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation after hosting its annual AGDQ livestream over the past week.

As fans of the show will know, Awesome Games Done Quick sees super-talented players speedrun their favourite games for charity. The skill levels on display are immense and world records have been known to be broken during the live streams over the years; those watching live on Twitch - and indeed anyone who visits the organisation's website - can donate to the cause during the show.

As always, this year's event featured plenty of great Nintendo games, including the likes of Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Donkey Kong Country 3, Pokémon Sapphire, Cadence of Hyrule, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and plenty more.

You can rewatch the speedruns here if you'd like to see how it all goes down. Alternatively, this 'Finale' video sums up the event and its history rather nicely.

Last year's Awesome Games Done Quick raised a similarly amazing $2.39 million. The next event, Summer Games Done Quick, is due to take place in Bloomington, MN on 21st - 28th June.