We're all familiar with the sight of a game initially developed for other machines eventually making its way over to Switch. In some cases, such as the work Panic Button has done on titles like DOOM, we've been pretty blown away by how good it actually looks on Switch despite the hardware compromises, but even the very best third-party games still tend to take a slight hit in the visual department.

Apparently, though, this isn't the case with the Switch port of Alien: Isolation, which incidentally releases tomorrow. Tech wizards Digital Foundry have been putting the new port through its paces, finding plenty of things to praise in comparison to the original versions on PS4 and Xbox One. For starters, they say that "the Switch version is substantially cleaner in motion", and that even when the resolution dips under 1080p - which we're more than used to on Switch - "the result is still more visually attractive and cleaner to the eye" than the older releases.

Now, it's not 100% perfect - a couple of smaller visual treats have gone walkabouts for the Switch version - but it's good enough for Digital Foundry to call it "a remarkable conversion of a brilliant game". You can see just what makes it so special in the video below.

Our review of the game went live late last week, and we loved it, too. You can read our full thoughts here, but we'll give you a snippet below:

Alien: Isolation is a survival horror masterpiece and straight-up one of the very best horror video games ever released. It's a nerve-wracking affair – a slow, methodical game of cat and mouse against a brilliantly clever recreation of one of cinema's most infamous killers – but if you're up to the task you'll find one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences in the genre; a brilliant and beautiful homage to one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies of all time. Feral Interactive has done a stellar job with this Switch port and the excellent motion controls and inclusion of all previously-released DLC only go to sweeten the deal. This is essential stuff for survival horror fans.