Epic Mickey

YouTuber Doctre81, who last weekend revealed the rumoured Ridge Racer 8 project exclusive to Switch had likely been axed, has now seemingly discovered information about an unannounced Disney action game remake on its way to the Switch and other platforms.

This finding comes from the LinkedIn profile of Giuseppe Crugliano, the CEO and creative director of PlayMagic – which is the same development team behind the remake of the stylish cel-shaded shooter XIII that's been delayed until next year.

Projects LinkedIn

At the top of the projects section of the LinkedIn profile, the Disney project is listed. In addition to this is an unannounced third-person action remake for all modern platforms (including the Switch).

Doctre81 is unsure what the second listing could be. As for the Disney game, he doesn't think it's likely to be Kingdom Hearts, as the game has already been remastered on other platforms. There's also fan speculation it could be Epic Mickey, a Mickey Mouse game in general, or an old Star Wars title.

The most recent Disney game release on the Switch was the two-for-one Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King in October.

What Disney remake do you think could potentially be on the way? Share your thoughts below.

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