Well, here's a weird one for you. Earlier today, Nintendo posted a - shall we say - 'down with the kids' style tweet to promote SkateBIRD, one of the games announced during yesterday's Indie Showcase. Now it's disappeared, which has us wondering what on Earth just happened within Nintendo's social media department.

You can see the tweet in this image below (thanks @BombosMedallion / GoNintendo). We can confirm that it's legit - we noticed it pop up on our timeline earlier too, but there's absolutely no trace of it on @NintendoAmerica's account. Naturally, then, it's been deleted, but why?

Image: Screenshot via @BombosMedallion

Did someone at Nintendo jump the gun out of uncontrollable admiration for the cute, skateboarding birds? Did someone else then presumably come along and remind them that the official Nintendo social media accounts are supposed to be for professional posts only? Maybe the goose from Untitled Goose Game got jealous at Nintendo giving another bird attention and sneakily pressed the delete button. We'll never know.

Incidentally, if you haven't heard about SkateBIRD yet, it looks pretty fun.

<3 birbs.