Labo VR Mini Game Japan

If you've been looking for a reason to dust off your Labo headset, Nintendo has just released its 15th free mini-game for Labo VR Kit on the Japanese Switch News Channel. This new game titled Omikuji – which translates to "Fortune" – requires players to shake the Joy-Con and then draw a fortune with the A or R button.

Here are the other games released so far on Japan's Switch News Channel (thanks, Japanese Nintendo): Christmas, Osushiya-san, Getsumen Tanken, Multitasking Game, Bunbougu Mudazukai Senshuken, Shooting Game, Balloon Fight, Maguro Kart, Capsule Toy, Baseball Board, Kyodai Meiro, Sushi Board, Kaijuu Shooting, and Alien Tataki.

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