Ever since it first drifted onto the scene, Mario Kart Tour players have been hoping to see the addition of true multiplayer gameplay. Thankfully, that very day is (kind of) upon us, with the launch of a beta test for select users.

Starting from today, 19th December, and running until 05:59 UTC on 27th December, a real-time multiplayer beta test will be available for anyone subscribed to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass. If you just so happen to have a trial of the Gold Pass running at the moment, you'll also be able to try it out, but anyone with no subscription will need to wait until the real thing rolls around.

The beta is being put in place "to make sure real-time multiplayer works as intended before it's made available to all players". Incidentally, that statement confirms our hopes that multiplayer will indeed be available to all players in the future, and not just those willing to pay for the subscription.


Are you a Gold Pass subscriber? Will you be checking out the beta? Let us know in the comments.