Indie developer Sean Young is creating what he hopes is the ultimate 'relaxation RPG' – and it will be coming to Switch sometime next year, all being well.

Inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing and Dark Cloud, and Kickstarted to the tune of $82,061 – well over what Young was expecting – Littlewood takes place in a world that you've already saved; your aim is to build a town, explore your surroundings, tempt people to live in said town and find yourself a marriage partner to settle down with, and combat isn't something you'll need to worry yourself with (although a card game is being factored in for competitive players).

However, the game doesn't end the moment you tie the knot, as Young tells Nintendo Enthusiast:

There is absolutely tons of post-marriage content to complete. Maxing out your stats, finding every townsfolk, donating every item to the museum, cooking every recipe, and unlocking all achievements are just a few things to keep players busy!

Young is very much a one-man band, although the game's soundtrack will be created by Bashi Boizu. Because he's doing the majority of the work on his own, he's not able to give a solid release date yet; the plan is to get the final Steam version ready by the close of January (it's in Early Access at present) and then launch the Switch port either the month after, or in March. It would then come to other platforms after that – and, dependant on commercial performance, Young has stated that DLC is possible, as is a full-blown sequel.

We think Littlewood looks adorable, but what about you? Will you be picking it up next year, or will Animal Crossing: New Horizons scratch your relaxation RPG itch?