All is not lost for the trusty Nintendo 3DS, as a brand new and exclusive game is set to launch on the system this Boxing Day.

Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars is a survival horror which has been inspired by the style of classic titles from the '90s and early 2000s. Ammo and recovery items are limited and every fight with enemies can have fatal results, hopefully promising a tense adventure which will have you exploring every corner of the titular Silver Falls. The game was actually first announced for the console back in 2018 but has had its release window considerably pushed back.

Here's an official story description:

Strange lights have been appearing in the night sky above Silver Falls. When three mysterious objects fall from the sky, this secluded, sleepy town becomes frozen in a moment in time. Strange radiation has turned local wildlife bloodthirsty.

Only 3 people in Silver Falls seem to be unaffected. Holt, a composer mourning the death of his grandfather with a fishing trip, Analise, an organizer for the annual Moose Steak Festival, and Moss, the local sheriff investigating reports of strange lights in the sky, must work together to figure out exactly what is going wrong in their town.

Why are they being attacked by wildlife? Why has time seem to have stopped? Using their wits and resources scavenged around Silver Falls, these three survivors must discover the mystery behind the three objects and return their town to normal.


The game is set to launch exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS on 26th December in North America, and will arrive slightly later in Europe and Asia on 9th January. The development studio's director tell us that Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars "will be followed by two more exclusive Nintendo 3DS games in the coming months" which will available for all 3DS systems.

Feel like dusting off your 3DS for a new horror game this Christmas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.