Hi Tech Earbuds

If you've been playing Pokémon Sword and Shield since it was released, you've probably already got the Hi-Tech Earbuds. If you haven't found them or heard about what they do though, you might want to keep reading.

In order to adjust the volume in Sword or Shield, you'll need to first locate this in-game item. So just to clarify, basic sound adjustment options are locked behind an item within the Galar Region. It means you can't adjust the background music, sound effects or Pokémon cries until you do locate this high-end tech.

Here's what the options menu looks like before you get your hands on this item:

Hi Tech Earbuds 4

Some fans are reportedly up in arms, suggesting the feature should be a menu option from the start, while others don't seem to think it's as much of a problem – stating how the master volume can be adjusted within the Switch HOME Menu settings.

If you still need to locate these earbuds or missed them the first time around, you'll have to make your way to Motostoke and then head over to the man near the main elevator who is standing outside the music shop. Talk to him to then receive the item. After this, you'll be able to adjust the volume in your options menu:

As simple as it is to obtain this item, it's admittedly a bit of an odd design choice when so many other games make this a standard feature in the sound menu.

What do you think about this design choice? Comment down below.

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