Despite the fact the upcoming Netflix series The Witcher is an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's best-selling fantasy novels, there's still likely to be fans of the popular video game series tuning in next month to see Henry Cavill's performance as Geralt.

Obviously, there are high expectations from the entire fanbase – especially after what CD Projekt Red managed to achieve with the source material, so how is the team behind the Netflix series dealing with this? During an interview with British magazine SciFiNow, the showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich said "rabid fan bases" should not be feared as enemies:

I love interacting with fans; probably a bit too much for everyone's taste around here. There's nothing more that I love than getting on Twitter and talking directly to the fan base. I really wanted to access their enthusiasm and their excitement for this. I think a lot of people see really rabid fan bases as enemies and in fact I think that these are the people who love The Witcher, these are the people who I really want to take their enthusiasm and grow their enthusiasm and learn from their enthusiasm.

Hissrich isn't the only one to "grow" and "learn" from fan enthusiasm. Recently, Sonic movie director Jeff Fowler thanked fans for the support and criticism of the blue blur's design and vowed to change the controversial design – which he did.

In saying this, passionate fans can sometimes get the better of creators. During an interview with Eurogamer last month, Pokémon producer Junichi Masuda mentioned how "negative comments" often made the team feel a bit down at times.

What do you think about Lauren's comments? Do you like how The Witcher Netflix series is looking? Comment below.

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