Smash Ultimate Version 6.1.0

Update: As promised, the 6.1.0 update has now arrived in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The update fixes the recently discovered Terry Bogard glitch, but doesn't appear to have changed the character's attributes on the battlefield.

Your game should automatically update the next time you turn it on (while connected to the internet).

A rare issue has been fixed when Terry's Super Special Move "Buster Wolf" connects with an opposing fighter, causing both Terry and that fighter to become unable to move from their positions.

Original Article (Tue 12th Nov, 2019 15:30 GMT): Nintendo has revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will soon be updated to Version 6.1.0, just days after the big Version 6.0 update that was implemented last week.

The news comes from an in-game announcement warning players of the upcoming update - you'll see it next time you turn on the game. There's no news just yet on what changes will be made, but we wouldn't be surprised to see tweaks to new character Terry Bogard as the development team begin to understand his strengths and weaknesses in the hands of players.

As is usually the case, the warning comes with the following message, urging players to convert any saved replays before the update:

"Software update Ver. 6.1.0 will be available within the next few days. Please be aware that after this update, you will not be able to view replays saved prior to this version, unless you convert the replays to video via Vault → Replays → Replay Data → Convert to Video. More details on update content will be provided on release."

Smash Ultimate Version 6.1.0
Image: Nintendo Life

What do you think the update will bring? Are you hoping for any changes to Terry? Let us know in the comments.