German publisher Strictly Limited Games is marking its second birthday with a pretty special announcement – it's bringing Taito’s Darius Cozmic Collection to the west.

Previously only available in Japan, where it was initially released in physical form only, Darius Cozmic Collection brings together some of the best entries in the long-running shooter series. Coded by emulation experts M2, it's a fine collection – and fans will be able to get hold of a bunch of extra goodies thanks to Strictly Limited Games.

The Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade offers four different arcade titles across seven variants – DARIUS (old version), DARIUS (new version), DARIUS (extra version), DARIUS II (dual-screen version), SAGAIA (Ver. 1), SAGAIA (Ver. 2), DARIUS GAIDEN – and also well as an exclusive Darius enamel pin badge. It costs 39.99 EUR and is limited to just 2500 units on Switch (or 1900 units on PS4).

A second edition, called The Darius Cozmic Collection Console, features six console titles across nine different versions – DARIUS II (Mega Drive JP version), SAGAIA (Genesis version), SAGAIA (Master System EU version), DARIUS TWIN (Super Famicom JP version), DARIUS TWIN (Super NES US version), DARIUS FORCE (Super Famicom JP version), SUPER NOVA (Super NES US version), DARIUS ALPHA (PC Engine JP version), DARIUS PLUS (PC Engine JP version) – as well as a Sagaia enamel pin badge. This pack will cost 54.99 EUR, and is again limited to just 2500 units on Switch and 1900 units on PS4.

Finally, there's The Darius Cozmic Collection International Collector's Edition, which is quite a mouthful and is limited to 1500 units on Switch and 900 on PS4. It contains the following items:

  • Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade and Console for Switch (or PlayStation 4)
  • Two Arrange Soundtrack Albums, Omnibus I - Generation from 1997 of TAITO's legendary "House Band" Zuntata and Omnibus II - Union of 2019
  • Hardcover Arcadebook
  • Six SLG-exclusive Acrylic Art Cards
  • Four stylish marquee stickers
  • Darius Gaiden Instruction Card
  • Two instruction stickers
  • Three SLG-exclusive enamel pin badges
  • SLG Collector's Box with magnetic closure
  • SLG-exclusive Retro Arcade PCB Cardboard

You can pre-order these versions direct from Strictly Limited Games from November 24th, and when they're gone, they're gone.