Here she is appearing in Dead or Alive 6

You might remember that last week, during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation which introduced new playable character Terry Bogard, series director Masahiro Sakurai commented on the absence of Fatal Fury's Mai. In direct response to his comments, fans have decided to get Mai into the game in any way that they can. Because of course they have.

Sakurai revealed that Mai's absence was thanks to the fact that "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is for good boys and girls of many different ages", essentially saying that the sexual connotations attached to Mai's character wouldn't be a good fit. Seemingly feeling the sudden need to rebel, some players have been representing the character in creative ways.

Some players are naming their Mii Fighters after the character, often alongside a design which is about as close to the real thing as possible (thanks, Automaton Media):

Mai Mii
Image: Image via Automaton Media

And some are going one step further, using the game's stage creator to let players jump, fight, and smash across her lovingly crafted platforms.

Screenshot 2019 11 13 At 15.40.52
Image: Image via Automaton Media
Screenshot 2019 11 13 At 15.41.03
Image: Image via Automaton Media

We couldn't be less surprised if we tried...

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