Master Hand And Crazy Hand

One Super Smash Bros. character that's perhaps been overshadowed in recent years by all the third-party cameos is the game's recurring boss. Yes – we're talking about the Master Hand and even his left-hand counterpart, Crazy Hand.

While a lot of people were probably trick-or-treating as their favourite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter this Halloween, Reddit user Calvin_And_Hobbies decided to instead dress up as the Master Hand and Crazy Hand. They even went to the extent of handing out Smash invitations to other gaming-related costumes.

Here's how the invites were made:

I bought some simple white envelopes and made a sheet of Smash seal stickers at my local print shop. I then made a fake letter to put inside welcoming the character to Smash.

The stage prop also has a hinge – allowing the envelopes to be easily stored and accessed when necessary.

What do you think of this Halloween outfit? Did you dress up as a video game character this year? Tell us below.