Melted Switch
Image: nuzleafsnipples94

It might sound obvious, but after seeing this it's probably worth putting it out there regardless: don't leave your Nintendo Switch on a radiator.

You can likely see where this is going, and yes, one poor soul has recently seen the effects of doing such a thing first hand. Reddit user nuzleafsnipples94 has shared the image you can see above online, showing a brand new - and now completely melted - Pokémon edition Nintendo Switch Lite. It's not a pretty sight.

Over on Reddit, they explain that a small electric radiator was the culprit, which was doubling up as a bedside table:

"Completely idiotic of me to do it, but I have a small electric radiator beside my bed and when it's turned off (which is almost always) I leave my phone, switch, TV remote on it as a bed side stand instead of leaving them on the floor.

"I turned it on today before my shower so my room would be nice and toasty for when I got out but completely forgot I had my switch charging on it and because the radiator gets hot really fast it only took about 10 minutes for the switch to melt."

Amazingly, they go on to reveal that the console does actually still work, with the screen, D-Pad, and shoulder buttons all undamaged. A copy of Pokémon Sword, which was nestled in the cartridge slot on the back, wasn't so lucky.

Can you imagine?