Update [Mon 25th Nov, 2019 11:30 GMT]: It has been revealed that Taisho Pharmaceutical won Famitsu's corporate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, which secures a full-page advertisement and article in a future issue of the popular Weekly Famitsu magazine.

But how did Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation team get on? Well, it bested Japan Patent Office in the first round, but was eliminated in the semi-finals by Zoff, the team which Taisho defeated in the final.

You can watch the entire thing here, but we've also embedded some edited highlights below (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

Original Story [Mon 18th Nov, 2019 10:00 GMT]: Japanese magazine Famitsu is holding a special 'corporate' Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament on November 22nd which involves some pretty notable companies – and the list of firms featured has thrown up a rather big surprise.

Contesting the tournament alongside companies such as Sun-Star, Sugiko and Plaza is... PlayStation. That's right, Nintendo's big rival in the gaming sphere will be joining the tournament (we're assuming Famitsu isn't inviting Nintendo to a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale event any time soon, but you never know).

It's not known which members of the PlayStation team will attend, but we do know they will be pulled from Sony Interactive Entertainment. How far do you think they'll make it in the tournament? Could Team PlayStation go all the way? Let us know your thoughts with a comment.

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