N64 Nintendo Life
Image: Nintendo Life

eBay has released its 'Most Wanted' holiday shopping guide, highlighting the most popular products that are trending in shopper's wish lists this holiday season. Surprisingly, the 23-year-old Nintendo 64 seems to be having something of a resurgence.

In a press release covering some additional insights from the guide, it has been revealed that sales for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 64 averaged two per minute on eBay in September, just as Nintendo was celebrating its 130th anniversary. N64 consoles actually saw a spike of 205% year-on-year, indicating that there are more than a few people out there looking to reminisce on old times.

The guide suggests that a Nintendo 64 could be "a unique gift pick for nostalgic Millennials", which actually presents a potentially valid reason for its recent success on the site. Those who had a Nintendo 64 as their first console will likely now be working full time and dealing with adult life, potentially spending their hard-earned cash on reliving childhood memories. This very writer actually ended up buying two N64 consoles this year for that very reason.

It's quite nice to see that the ageing console still has its fans out there. Perhaps in years to come, people will be hunting down Wii Us to add to their collections?