If you've missed F-Zero as much as we have for the last 15 years-or-so, then wow do we have a great find for you today.

The images you see before you are reportedly from an F-Zero novel which was released back in February 1992. They were shared online by Twitter user @step70s earlier this year (you'll have to forgive us for not spotting them sooner), where more details surrounding its release have also been shared.

Step says that the novel, the title of which roughly translates to 'F-Zero: And then, to the gods of speed', was part of the Futabasha Fantasy Novel Series released in the '90s. We did a little more digging and stumbled across an advertisement for the novel, alongside a tease for a Legend of Zelda release. How have we not seen these before?


The F-Zero novel was written by Katsuyuki Ozaki with illustrations by Kagami Yasuhiro (you can actually see Yasuhiro's portfolio here). @step70s notes that Ozaki's take on the F-Zero franchise "puts aside the brighter comic book-inspired world for a darker dystopian one".

Filled with excitement, the Nintendo Life team has been trying to hunt down a copy online since the first moment our eyes met these glorious pages, but we've had no luck. If you know anything else about the novel, or perhaps if you even own one yourself, feel free to tell us all about it in the comments.

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