Concept art Pokemon Sword Shield
Image: The Pokémon Company, via @pokexperto

If you just can't get enough of Pokémon Sword and Shield's colourful world and cast of characters, you'll likely enjoy browsing through these concept art pieces shared online.

The images seen below appear to be photographs of the upcoming Collector's Edition of the official strategy guide, which is set to release in North America early next month (Europeans can already get their hands on a standard release). We can see concept art for the games' Gym Leaders, the player characters, and more.

All photos were found via Twitter user @pokexperto:

Back in October, The Pokémon Company officially shared some gorgeous concept art of the Galar region itself.

Have you been enjoying the art style and character design of the new games? If you've visited Ballonlea yet, how gorgeous is that place!? Chat with us in the comments below.

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