Trevor Belmont

Update: An individual reached out to Samuel Deats – the director of the Castlevania Netflix series – via Twitter and asked if the 1st December listing for the third season was true (thanks, GoNintendo). This was the director's reply:

HAH, that's news to me and would certainly be scary considering we're still working on the last episode of the season.

Original Story Wed 27th Nov, 2019 01:05 GMT: Last November, Netflix confirmed Trevor Belmont would return in the Castlevania animated series.The third season will reportedly be comprised of ten episodes – making it the biggest run yet based on Konami's classic video game series.

Now, the official Netflix Nordic Twitter account has seemingly revealed the third season will be arriving on 1st December. In saying this, the tweet has since been deleted – meaning there are no longer any guarantees the new episodes will actually be released on this date.

Fingers crossed Netflix Nordic simply revealed this information ahead of schedule and that the new episodes will still air on 1st December. While we wait, though, to see if the third season does arrive early next month, why not read our reviews of season one and season two.

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