Wii U

Nintendo may well have ditched the poor beast in favour of its shiny new Switch console, but the Wii U is receiving a brand new game today.

The game in question is Space Intervention, an action-arcade title from developer VG && IG. The listing on Nintendo's official site has what must be the shortest description for a game we've ever seen, simply reading, "Save our galaxy from the invasion of an alien race".

It actually launched on 3DS last month, too, but for some reason hasn't come to Switch, and appears to work in a similar way to arcade classic, Space Invaders. Here are a couple of screenshots:

WiiU SpaceIntervention 01
WiiU SpaceIntervention 02

If you feel like downloading it for yourself - who knows, this could be last ever Wii U game? - then it'll only cost you $0.99. It'll only take up 75MB of space, too.

How bizarre. Let us know if you're going to try this out with a comment below.

[source gonintendo.com]