Street Fighter IV

Prior to the release of Street Fighter IV, there was a time when Capcom's prominent fighting series fell out of the spotlight. The dwindling arcade scene here in the west didn't help the situation, either. It actually got to a point where Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono began considering all avenues for the series.

As crazy as it might sound, Ono had an idea – that he thought was revolutionary – to turn the fourth major Street Fighter entry into a turn-based fighting game. Here's his full response from a recent interview at EGX 2019:

I did have an idea that I thought was revolutionary, to turn it into more of a turn-based simulation. So you would take the moves you want to do and put them together like blocks and they'd run automatically. But obviously we didn't make that in the end.

We're glad to hear Ono reconsidered, as it might have potentially killed off Ryu and Ken once and for all. The fourth game's success led to the release of multiple other versions – including the 3DS one – until Capcom eventually released the fifth title.

Would you have given a turn-based auto fighter based on Capcom's iconic series a chance? Tell us below.