The Bradwell Conspiracy, a narrative first-person puzzle adventure game from an all-star development team of Bafta winners, has a sparkly new trailer and a release date - the Switch version will be launching on Thursday 10th October. The trailer above gives us a better look at the curious 'gun' used to solve puzzles and a taste of what we can expect next week.

Coming from a collaboration between Bossa Studios and A Brave Plan, a team made up of devs with many a AAA title to their name (including Tomb Raider and Fable), you'll find yourself trapped in the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum complex following an explosion. Communicating with an NPC called Amber, you'll be snapping pictures and 3D printing solutions to puzzles as you gradually uncover the mysteries of the museum and attempt to escape.

With Austin Wintory providing the music and a host of top-class voice talent (including British TV presenter, interviewer, film critic and general televisual presence Jonathan Ross), this has been on our radar since it was first announced for Switch. Our sister site Push Square interviewed studio founder Georg Backer recently and discussed the game's 3D printing mechanic, the aforementioned Mr Ross and inspirations behind The Bradwell Conspiracy - be sure to check it out if you like the look of this.

For some reason, we can't stop seeing Jonathan Rhys Meyers in that key art image. Maybe it's just us. Are you interested in diving into this conspiracy? Drop a little yay or nay in the comment section below.