Bradwell Key Art

Coming from Bossa Studios, the makers of Surgeon Simulator, in partnership with new outfit A Brave Plan made up of veteran game devs, The Bradwell Conspiracy is bringing its first-person narrative adventure to Switch later this fall.

After an explosion at the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum, the player awakens to find themselves trapped in an underground complex. If you don't fancy spending the rest of your days and nights in the museum, you'll have to work with a museum employee named Amber who's trapped somewhere in the building. You'll be sending her pictures if you want her help escaping, but apparently dark secrets will be uncovered as you progress...

Whether it involves a shadowy government corporation or ancient druid headquarters hewn into the living rock, your guess is as good as ours. Here are some of the features highlighted in the official blurb:

- An immersive first-person narrative.
- An NPC relationship like no other, via photographic messaging.
- An original 3D-printing gameplay mechanic, used to solve puzzles throughout.
- A unique Brutalist art style, with a detailed,interactive environment.
- Arich and established gameworld boasting a plethora of hidden lore and secrets.
- An illustrious voice cast, truly bringing the Bradwell world to life.

A Brave Plan boasts some excellent pedigree, with BAFTA-winning talent from games such as the Fable and Tomb Raider series. Couple that with some quality audio talent (Austin Wintory is on composing duties, and the voice cast even includes - among others - one Jonathan Ross) and, from the screenshots, the game looks to be an intriguing first-person puzzler that brings to mind last year's The Spectrum Retreat.

There's no new trailer to accompany the announcement, but here's a look at the original if you missed it when the game was first announced last year:

Ah, Stonehenge. Where the demons dwell - where the banshees live, and they do live well... Like the look of this narrative adventure? Feel free to let us know (and continue our ruminations on Stonehenge) below...